Dear friends!

The tourist season is coming to a close! Summer still makes us feel happy with the warm sun rays, but there are more and more golden leaves in the trees, and the nights become longer and cooler.

So let’s have fun and say goodbye to this season together in September from 27 to 29 in Kyiv, the hero-city and the capital of Ukraine!

The Ukrainian Caravanners’ Club ( and Camping № 1 “Kyiv” invites you to the closing of the tourist season, “Golden Autumn in Kiev – 2012”!


Friday, October 12, 2012

From early morning Camping № 1 “Kiev” is open for the cordial reception of all guests of the rally!

You are welcome to call in, check in, settle down, connect and immediately begin to integrate!

On this day you can take a part in a variety of excursions and activities. You can choose from the following:

– Open-air Museum of Ukrainian Folk Architecture, Rural Life and Folk Art in Pirogovo village

– Kyiv Dolphinarium “Nemo” – exotic terrarium and unique show of dolphins

– Park “Feofaniya” – the historic monument and a masterpiece of landscape art

– and, of course, get acquainted with “Expocentre of Ukraine” which is the historical and cultural monument and the largest exhibition center in Ukraine since Soviet times.

Bring your bikes! You can cycle about 30 km around the exhibition and all the time you will find the new routes.

Also on these days some exhibitions are planned at Expocentre that may be a part of your interest:

“Gardening” 2012/garden/info/

“Vegetables and Fruit of Ukraine” 2012/vegetables/info/

All aforementioned places are in a distance of 2-4 kilometers from our place!

We also advise you to visit:

And much more! There will be a representative of the travel agency at the rally who will recommend and present you the various sights of Kyiv.

For those who don’t want to go on tour we offer to take part in firewood collecting for the evening campfire. You can also enjoy your free time. It can be done in the traditional leisurely barbecue cooking or frisky photo hunting on squirrels which live in the district. You can ride a bike over numerous avenues of the Expocenter’s park or participate in “Round Grill Discussion” organized by UFCC and discuss topic “Perspectives of Camping and Caravaning in Ukraine” (free entrance).

Also if you ask in advance it is possible to organize riding on original brougham.

18:00 – Dinner in format of Global Village, smorgasbord where everyone can be as a master or a guest. (You are welcome to prepare your dishes in advance and bring in something delicious!)

Autumn is a fertile time, the time of harvest, and our meeting is a good opportunity to share gifts with friends from our region.

Please take your tables, utensils and homemade dishes, bring them near the stage of our friendly “Global Village” for the public communication and wine and dine.

Note – we start at 18:00! The speech of organizers will be the the signal of the beginning! (You can start preparing and setting the tables from 17:00).

Don’t be shy! Participate and pass the test on the warm hospitality! ;-)))

19:00 – Celebration. First part.

Rally is always a holiday! So after a good warming-up in the form of «Global Village» we start the representative part on our stage – you are welcome to represent your club or crew brightly, funny and impressive. The creative and unexpected solutions are encouraged. At the end we are going to vote for the most original greetings all together!

21:00 – Music programme

We enjoy live music performed by the well-known Ukrainian artists. The capital of Ukraine is famous for its musicians! The list of performers depends on each of us. The more visitors will register in advance, the bigger budget will be collected and therefore the more varied choice will be available for the organizers. Anyway joy, fun and good mood is guaranteed! We also welcome all types of dancing!

The culmination of the evening will be a small fire of caravanners’ friendship.

Please make a list of the most famous and favourite songs of all times and nations in advance which we will sing together sitting at the campfire. The organizers will find the chords and lyrics of these songs and set here.

The first number is suggested:

1. “It’s great that we are all here today” (the author is Oleg Mitayev).

.. let’s continue this list!

We kindly ask the guitarists and those who have the other musical instruments to notify the organizers about this in advance (so that singing with guitar will not happen with … no guitar).

Saturday, October 13, 2012

We wake up and have breakfast enjoying the fresh air, the sounds of nature and tremendous autumn landscape.

11:00 – 15:00 – Kiev City Tour – which became a tradition of our caravanners.

Kiev is often referred to as a mother of Russian Cities or a cradle of the Rus’ civilisation. It’s a city which is full of legends, stories, secrets and mysteries. You need months or even years to learn Kiev, but one day is enough for you to fall in love with it. During the tour you will see the most famous sights and monuments of the city and get acquainted with its ancient history. You will enjoy the beauty and grandeur of the city, and feel its special warm atmosphere.

After the tour and before the evening programme we will collect the firewood for the next campfire and have some free time.

Those who desire can visit any excursion from listed above.

Those who attained perfection in preparation of traditional kebabs now can work on grilled fish, and lucky photo hunters for squirrels can switch for hares. Some people can enjoy cycling or walking in the park and those who are fond of giving a talk are invited to “blow up” the next “Round Grill” for fresh topic “Club movement in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and prospects of caravanning on the post-Soviet space” (free entry). All the promotional and informational prospectuses and materials (whatever you want to share) are free to exchange. Non-passed out material can be left in a special place which will be available for everyone till the end of the rally.

18:00 – Festive dinner!

What could be better than the meal together!

Tasty meal, speeches and toasts, jokes and caravanners’ stories are unlimited.

We also open “Talent Show”- the best possible entertainment.

The most appreciative audience – your friends and associates – are waiting to enjoy your performance and you are welcome to present any of your talent. If you or your family are fond of singing, dancing, playing any instrument, reading poetry, telling the stories, standing on his head or artistically ears moving our stage is open for you – as well as our eyes, ears and our hearts belong to you!

The initiative of the youngest participants on the rally is appreciated!

19:00 – Celebration. Second part. Closing of the season “Golden Autumn in Kiev – 2012”!

The official part with formal elements, as well as greetings and rewarding. We will thank the past season and announce the upcoming events.

21:00 – The concert programme of the “right” artists!

Singing songs, dancing, having joy and fun together!

This is the peak of сaravanners’ brotherhood and union of cities and nations!

At the end of the evening there will be a big campfire with singing favorite songs. At october night the campfire will pleasantly warm the body, and nice communication and tea from the pot with refined sugar will warm the soul (special refined sugar is stockpiled by the organizers especially for this case and those who will make a great contribution in collecting of firewood will get the double portion:)

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Waking up without an alarm!

One more wonderful morning in park area of Expocentre.

Breakfast in a friendly international company. It is a free day to relax, communicate and have cultural programme for your own plan or you can participate in excursions and activities mentioned above (pre-order on mail is required!).

Attention! In addition to the declared list of excursions on this day you may visit another “fashion” event. Kiev Hippodrome which is just in 3km from our place will hold competitions with different awards. In addition to the competitions the programme includes contests and a variety of entertainment events. So it may be interesting not only for ardent horse lovers.

Beginning at 12:30. Telephones: 044-526-20-53, 044-250-93-40.

And finally the sad part of our meeting is coming: warm farewell, friendly hugs, interchange of contacts and departure.

The main thing to remember is that we say goodbye just to the next time!

The opening of the next season is around the corner ;)

The cost of participation in the rally – 300 UAH per person for the whole event (parking, electricity, water, garbage collection, the overall tour, holiday dinner, concert programme, as well as using of the pool – in case it will be open)

Children from 6 to 16 years – 150 UAH.

Children up to 6 – free of charge (without separate seat).

You can register on site of Ukrainian Caravanners’ Club (forum at

* The payment for accommodation on the campsite before the rally (up to 12.10.2012) and after the event (from 14.10.2012) is according the camping price list.